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Frequently Asked Question

Here you'll find frequently asked question about our services. If you have any additional question, please
contact us.

When you buy likes, it's like getting a bunch of people to line up in front of your store. People see the crowd, and the larger the crowd, the more they think, "Wow, this place is really popular and cool!" and are more likely to check what it’s all about.

To be fair, there are hundreds, even thousands of places you could get likes and just like diamonds, there are different qualities, ranging from poor quality to VVS, which is the purest level you can find. We only certify and send you the highest quality real likes, VVS likes.

As soon as you tell us where to send the likes, we notify our network and they start to like your post(s) within minutes.

Going viral looks different from everyone's point of view, however, our pro team at VVSLikes, gives you the tools & secrets you need to achieve new heights sooner than later.

Of course it’s safe. Though Instagram prefers you to pay for their sponsored ads, that requires an expert to create converting ad space thus becoming non-feasible & time consuming. The team at VVS gets to the point and brings you a crowd of safe engagement, within a few clicks.

Since we utilize our VVS network, we can certify not only the quality, but the assurance our likes will last. If anything seems out of the ordinary, our 24/7 support is always there to help.

We recommend going with a package that best matches your current follower/like ratio, which often runs off 1 like for every 5 followers, or 20%. Keep this in mind as a goal.

Soar into popularity within VVSLikes, feeling as light as air while your engagement takes off to new heights, while you get back to focusing on creating. VVS helps maintenance free.

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