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Still waking up alone in a status-driven world? Your like & follower count on Instagram serves as your trophy of social proof, appeal and online trust. We instinctively rely on others for life decisions, from choosing crowded restaurants to emulating celebrity fashion. Unfortunately, on Instagram, low likes and followers label an account as "boring." Yet, there's an alternative path. Imagine waking up to thousands of real likes and followers every morning, how would your day be different?

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Many hesitate to engage with Instagram pages that don't seem active or popular.
Yet When You Make a new Connection, or find a new viral post, you know the algorithm did its job.

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Zain BE.

“It was incredible how in-credible it was :( My posts were only receiving a few likes even though I had about 1000 followers I was getting no leads. I don't think anybody was even looking at my posts. As almost a last resort I opted to get 250 likes per post automatically with VVS and I have seen my engagement go crazy. People actually comment on my post now and DM me as if I'm some sort of expert. It's wild :)”

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David M.

“tbh seemed like IG didn't even respect my posts that I was sponsoring until I gave them some juice w/ vvs likes. I guess it makes sense though nobody clicks on a sponsored post that's only getting a few likes.”

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Elizabeth T.

“I needed Help... I had been trying to make one of my reels go viral for weeks posting daily with new variation of #'s and text and guess what tipped the needle in? Only 500 and VVS Likes showed Instagram that this is worth showing to thousands, and going viral. That post has over 1 million views and over 10k likes and I get so many comments and DMs that I can't respond to everybody by myself. Now I need a new kinda help”

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Christopher G.

“I have honestly taken a look at a bunch of these sites and bought likes for marketing for over 10 years. VVSlikes has hands down highest quality pages, 90% of which with stories, and all of them have real people behind them. I even messaged a few just to make sure, and they did respond.”

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Amanda A.

“As a jeweler I never buy anything less than a VVS Diamond for my clients that need the best. I will never buy anything less than a VVS Like because they are the best”

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Matthew Th.

“If someone had told me, I was only one viral post away from quitting my job, I would've called him a scam but now I'm happily jobless and can do whatever I want. VVS Gave me the boost I needed to go viral.”

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Imagine VVSLikes as a super booster for your Instagram growth plan. We made this tool because we know it can be hard to spend lots of time making pictures and posts, hoping people will like and follow you. When you put that new post up, that's when the excitement starts!


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Our active network of real Instagram users guarantees a higher standard, VVSLikes. Join thousands and try 10 to 50 real Instagram likes while offers last to get started on your growth path to authentic and true engagement.


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Frequently Asked Question

Here you'll find frequently asked question about our services. If you have any additional question, please
contact us.

When you buy likes, it's like getting a bunch of people to line up in front of your store. People see the crowd, and the larger the crowd, the more they think, "Wow, this place is really popular and cool!" and are more likely to check what it’s all about.

To be fair, there are hundreds, even thousands of places you could get likes and just like diamonds, there are different qualities, ranging from poor quality to VVS, which is the purest level you can find. We only certify and send you the highest quality real likes, VVS likes.

As soon as you tell us where to send the likes, we notify our network and they start to like your post(s) within minutes.

Going viral looks different from everyone's point of view, however, our pro team at VVSLikes, gives you the tools & secrets you need to achieve new heights sooner than later.

Of course it’s safe. Though Instagram prefers you to pay for their sponsored ads, that requires an expert to create converting ad space thus becoming non-feasible & time consuming. The team at VVS gets to the point and brings you a crowd of safe engagement, within a few clicks.

Since we utilize our VVS network, we can certify not only the quality, but the assurance our likes will last. If anything seems out of the ordinary, our 24/7 support is always there to help.

We recommend going with a package that best matches your current follower/like ratio, which often runs off 1 like for every 5 followers, or 20%. Keep this in mind as a goal.

Soar into popularity within VVSLikes, feeling as light as air while your engagement takes off to new heights, while you get back to focusing on creating. VVS helps maintenance free.

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