How To Get Instagram Verified


How To Get Instagram Verified

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Getting verified on Instagram is the biggest free promotional opportunity the popular app hands out. The blue check mark solidifies you as a person or business of authority. At the end of the day, authority is what makes Instagram tick.

Instagram users don’t follow people who they don’t relate with. They choose who to follow based off of the content the account publishes. When the account publishes content that resonates with the user, the user creates an authoritative relationship with the account.

For personal brands, this authority can be seen in users taking advice and suggestions from the influencer.

For business accounts, this authority is seen in advertisement campaigns sell out inventory.

Authority is what makes an Instagram account a credible source of value. A fashion blogger shows authority by showing her knowledge, working with fashion brands and taking high quality photos of her outfits. A travel influencer shows their authority by posting pictures of them traveling and captioning it with useful information about the city they are in. A tech reviewer shows their authority by purchasing tech products and creating fun, unique reviews on them.

There are other ways to increase your authority and get verified on Instagram faster.

Link To Outside Content.

Posting content to Instagram is essential to create a dedicated following, but linking to content posted on another platform is going to show your authority. For example, an online writer doesn’t only want to just post pictures of themselves sitting in an aesthetic coffee shop working on their computer. They want to link to articles they are publishing. By linking to these articles, their credibility increases. The more their credibility increases, the higher their authority reaches and the better chance of becoming a verified member of the writing community.

Nicolas Cole uses this approach to build his credibility and his following. By consistently linking to the articles he’s posting on Quora and Medium, he’s showing that he is a professional in his niche.

Another example is a professional photographer. Instead of just posting their own pictures, the photographer can post stories when their photos are posted to another account. They can talk about how much they loved working with this individual or brand. Again, this creates an authority by showing users that you are a professional, paid and hardworking person in the photography space.

Link To Other Social Accounts

Showing your online presence is key to having an influence. Famous celebrities and million dollar brands don’t stick to one social media platform. They have Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, a Youtube channel and anything else that could help them grow. These other accounts are useful for two reasons:

  1. They give users another medium to get to know you on. If people are used to seeing pictures of you and then you start showing them videos, it’ll increase the connection between account and user.

  2. They show you are a professional in your niche

An influencer who posts their tweets as Instagram stories and snippets of their Youtube videos as posts shows their credibility as a content creator. By posting to various social media platforms, users have more content to engage with and the user’s authority and reach increases.

Gerard Adams uses this strategy to increase his social influence on Instagram, as well as to bring his followers to his alternate accounts. In this example, he creates a video post that he publishes to Instagram that highlights his tweet. This shows his authority on both platforms and helps to increase his following on Twitter.

Collaborating With Other Brands Or Influencers

Collaborations are going to help put your account in front of the right person. Specifically, collaborating with verified accounts can impact how fast your account is verified. For example, by having one collaboration per week you can grow your following. Each collaboration is with an account in a similar niche. As your following grows, you’ll be able to collaborate with accounts with higher followings and verifications. When Instagram sees that those verified accounts are verifying you, they will be more motivated to provide the blue check mark for you.

Peter Mckinnon is a Youtuber who promotes his content through Instagram. He recently got verified and one of his strategies was in collaborating with other Youtubers and professional photographers. Above is an example of one of his collaboration posts, that leveraged his audience and Brandon Woeflfel’s to grow each others followings and validity as professionals.

Selling A Product

Instagram invented verified accounts to highlight influencers and companies. These influencers and companies have one thing in common, they sell something. By selling a product, you’ll verify your company account or personal account as a business. For example, popular travel Instagram account Jackson Groves sells Light room Presets. These presets are sold totally online and don’t involve inventory or packaging. These products solidify Jackson as a valued travel influencer.

Getting verified on Instagram starts with increasing your authority. Authority is what makes users trust and buy from a company or individual they met through the application. The blue check mark solidifies an account as a trustable source in this particular niche.

For personal brands, this authority can be used to promote products and sponsorships.

For business accounts, this authority can be used to increase sales, web traffic and following.

Getting verified on Instagram is a free promotional opportunity to be one step ahead of the competition that isn’t verified. Use these strategies to get verified, grow your influence and monetize your Instagram account.

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