How To Get Instagram Likes Without Hashtags


How To Get Instagram Likes Without Hashtags

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In 2007, the first hashtag was used on a Twitter post. Ten years later, hashtags have been introduced on every major social media platform. They are used to organize the millions of photos, videos and text published to the platforms on a daily basis. While personal accounts use the hashtags to relate with their friends, business accounts use hashtags to build their brands.

Are hashtags the best way to get engagement in 2018?

They are certainly a way to help engagement, but there are various other methods to use to capitalize on post engagement. These strategies have been discovered by business accounts, such as influencers, looking to grow their following and convert users into customers.

Here are five ways to get Instagram likes without hashtags.

1. Start a free trial at

Used by over 15,000 users offers its users paid for likes. Users can test VVSLikes by signing up for their free trial which enables fifty likes for one post. Their plans feature instant likes by real accounts, zero drop rate, the ability to disperse likes among different posts and improve impressions.

Users have the following plan options:

$2.50 for 250 likes

$4.50 for 500 likes

$8.50 for 1,000 likes

VVSLikes is a strategy used to initially grow an account and help get it into the Instagram algorithms.

2. Comment on influencers new posts.

Social media guru Gary Vee heavily preaches his $1.80 approach to social media. The strategy involves leaving a comment on the top nine trending Instagram posts for ten varying hashtags related to your account. For example, if you run a beauty account, you want to leave one comment per top trending Instagram post for that hashtag. You’ll leave nine comments for each hashtag and you’ll do that ten times, each time with a different hashtag. In total, you’ll leave ninety comments.

This approach can increase your profile’s engagement as well as following. The idea behind it, as Gary says, is to use social media to be social.

3. Register to an exchange “Like4Like” Network

Instagram business accounts interested in increasing their engagement coined the word, pods. These pods are a group of 3-15 users who engage with each other’s content each time somebody publishes a post. This Like4Like network helps to boost profiles and posts into the Instagram algorithm. The algorithm registers the pod’s engagement as users react positively to a post and tell Instagram to push it to a larger audience.

These pods can be found through Instagram growth Facebook groups.

4. Like Recent Uploads With Like4Like and Likeback Related Hashtags

By commenting Like4Like or Like-back on related hashtags, users looking to also grow their audience can start engaging with your account. In return for liking their posts, they will like yours. This is a similar method to creating an Instagram pod, but allows for more users to reach each other and for simpler engagement. Pods tend to like and comment on a user’s post, while like4like comments will be reciprocated by a like. The advantage of this strategy is in being able to quickly like others posts and have them like yours back.

5. Follow relevant niche-related Instagram pages.

Instagram works off of an algorithm. The algorithm determines what accounts are similar and what users to show these accounts to. For example, if a user follows a beauty account, they’ll be shown other beauty accounts they may like to follow. By following relevant, niche related pages, your profile can be one of those recommended to the user.

Hashtags can increase Instagram post engagement, but they are only a piece of the puzzle. With over saturation of hashtag usage, finding other ways to get your profile recognized above the noise is the best practice.

To learn more about Instagram likes, visit Babe's article on gaining more likes, and followers. 

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